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I will post a new entry every few weeks. Some will be new writing and some will be past work that has relevance today. The writing will deal in some way with the themes that have been part of my teaching and writing life for decades:

•teaching and learning;
•educational opportunity;
•the importance of public education in a democracy;
•definitions of intelligence and the many manifestations of intelligence in school, work, and everyday life; and
•the creation of a robust and humane philosophy of education.

If I had to sum up the philosophical thread that runs through my work, it would be this: A deep belief in the ability of the common person, a commitment to educational, occupational, and cultural opportunity to develop that ability, and an affirmation of public institutions and the public sphere as vehicles for nurturing and expressing that ability.

My hope is that this blog will foster an online community that brings people together to continue the discussion.


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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

An Interview on Writing and Teaching, Part One

Poet and teacher Kirsten Ogden and I had an email interview exchange on writing and teaching that just appeared in the literary magazine, The Kenyon Review. I thought the readers of my blog might be interested in it. If so, here is the link to Part One: http://www.kenyonreview.org/2015/11/a-conversation-with-mike-rose/ I’ll let you know when Part Two appears.

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